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The Secret World of Gold and Silver Company Warrants


Buying Gold & Silver Company Warrants is Easy & Profitable – Here’s How (and Why!)

Gold and Silver Warrants Index
Warrants Expiring
2011 1999   
XRG.WT 21-Dec-11
MFL.WT 31-Dec-11
OUS.WT 16-Jan-12
GCI.WT 30-Jan-12
MGA.WT 12-Feb-12
ML.WT 16-Feb-12
CKG.WT 23-Feb-12
CNM.WT 28-Feb-12
XMF.WT.A 28-Feb-12
YCM.WT.A 28-Feb-12
TMB.WT 29-Feb-12
ENI.WT 1-Mar-12
BNK.WT.A 1-Mar-12
GMC.WT.A 6-Mar-12
CTF.WT.A 8-Mar-12
FNV.WT 13-Mar-12
HGI.WT 30-Mar-12

Warrants of the week:
Highest Leveraged: OCB.WT
Highest Volatility: FEI.WT/FEI.WT.A
Biggest Bargain: RF.WT
*based on calculations only
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2009 1997
2008 1996
2007 1995
2006 1994
2005 1993
2004 1992
2003 1991
2002 1990
2001 1989
2000 1988
  1984 Editorials and Commentaries



Expiration Date
The last day the warrants can be
exercised. If warrants aren't
going to be exercised then they
must be sold the day before
the expiry date.
The leverage of a warrant is a
measure of how much you can
increase your exposure to a
share if you bought warrants
instead of making a direct
investment. It is calculated by
dividing the current share
price by the current price of
the warrant.
Intrinsic Value
The difference between the
exercise price and the actual
trading price of the common
stock. Once the common has
gone over the exercise
price the warrants are 
said to be 'in the money'.
The higher the volatility 
rating the higher the price
of the warrant will be.
A measure of actual 
stock price changes over 
a specific period of time. 
Historical volatility is 
calculated by using the 
standard deviation of an
underlying stock price.
In the Money
When the price of the 
common is higher than 
the exercise price
Time Value
The time value is the 
difference between the
current warrant price 
and its intrinsic value.
The time value is to be 
interpreted as the
consideration paid for 
the advantage that the
warrant buyer has over 
the direct investor.

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