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Address: 300 - 181 University Ave
Toronto ON M5H 3M7
Phone: 416 862 2020
Fax: 416 363 2089
Website -
Warrant Symbol - FTF.WT
Number Trading - 2,402,850
Expiration Date - 5 p.m. (Toronto time) on Jan. 30, 2009, or
July 30, 2010. The Class A, warrants may
only be exercised on these two dates.
Cusip - 34416R 11 5
Exercise Price - $10.25

Warrants called to trade news:

Focused Global separation of Class A units and warrants
2007-08-16 18:28 MT - Miscellaneous
TSX bulletin 2007-1179
Further to Toronto Stock Exchange bulletin No. 2007-1019, dated July 17, 2007, which describes an initial public offering of the Class A combined units of Focused Global Trends Fund, the Class A units and the transferable Class A warrants comprising the Class A combined units will trade separately commencing at the open on Monday, Aug. 20, 2007, at which time the Class A combined units will be delisted.
Under the trading information set out below:
8,931,283 Class A units will be listed of which 4,805,700 Class A units will be issued and outstanding, and 4,125,583 Class A units will be reserved for issuance;
Class A warrants to purchase 2,402,850 Class A units will be listed, all of which will be issued and outstanding.
Any fractional Class A warrants resulting from the separation of the units will be rounded down.
Class A units
Symbol: FTF.UN
Cusip No.: 34416R 20 6
Trading currency: Canadian dollars

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