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Address: Box 192, 5800 - First Cdn Pl
Toronto ON M5X 1A6
Phone: 416 362 0714
Fax: 416 362 7925
Website -
Warrant Symbol - OCF.WT
Number Trading - 2,500,000
Expiration Date - July 31, 2010
Cusip - 678044 11 6
Exercise Price - $10.25
Warrants called to trade news:
OilSands shares, warrants to trade separately on TSX
2007-08-30 19:20 MT
TSX bulletin 2007-1241
Further to Toronto Stock Exchange bulletin 2007-1100, dated July 31, 2007, which describes an initial public offering of units by OilSands Canada Corp., the equity shares and transferable equity share purchase warrants comprising the units will trade separately commencing at the open on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2007, at which time the units will be delisted. Under the trading information set out below:
7.7 million equity shares will be listed, of which five million equity shares will be issued and outstanding; and 2.7 million equity shares will be reserved for issuance;
2.5 million warrants will be listed, all of which will be issued and outstanding
Equity shares
Symbol: OCF
Cusip No.: 678044 10 8
Trading currency: Canadian dollars
Warrant symbol: OCF.WT
Cusip No.: 678044 11 6
Trading currency: Canadian dollars
Designated market-maker: Orion Securities Inc.

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