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Address: 1400 - 95 Wellington St W
Toronto ON M5J 2N7
Phone: 416 642 1289
Fax: 416 362 2199
Warrant Symbol - TRF.WT
Number Trading - 1,175,539
Expiration Date - July 23, 2009
Cusip - 31862T 12 4
Exercise Price - $17.28

Warrants called to trade news:
First Asset Energy to list 1,175,539 warrants Feb. 26
2009-02-24 15:02 MST - Warrants Called to Trade
TSX bulletin 2009-0240
A total of up to 1,175,539 warrants of the fund will be listed and posted for trading at the open on Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009, on a when-issued basis, under the following trading information.
Warrant symbol:  TRF.WT
Warrant Cusip No.:  31862T 12 4
Warrant trading currency:  Canadian dollars
Designated market-maker:  Macquarie Capital Markets Canada Ltd.
Other markets:  None
The warrants are being issued to holders of outstanding limited partnership units of the fund of record as of the close on Monday, March 2, 2009, on the basis of one warrant for each unit held. Each warrant entitles the holder thereof to subscribe for one unit at a subscription price of $17.28 per unit until 5 p.m. (Toronto time) on July 23, 2009. The warrants may be exercised commencing on March 3, 2009. warrants not exercised by the expiry time will be void and of no value.

Holders of warrants who exercise their warrants in full are entitled to exercise an additional subscription privilege to purchase, on a pro rata basis, units not issued pursuant to the exercise of the basic subscription privilege by other holders of warrants, as set forth on page 8 of the fund's short form prospectus dated Feb. 18, 2009.

Registration of interests in and transfers shall be made through the book-based system operated by CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. Holders of warrants through CDS may transfers ownership of warrants through records maintained by CDS participants. Registered holders of warrants may transfer ownership of warrants by delivering the required documents to Computershare Trust Company of Canada.

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