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Address: 306 - 908 17th Ave SW
Calgary AB T2T 0A5
Phone: 403 234 9970
Fax: 403 234 9978
Warrant Symbol - VSKY.WT
Number Trading - 2.5 million
Expiration Date - February 22, 2010
Cusip - 92833V 11 9
Exercise Price - $0.65

Warrants called to trade news:
VisionSky to begin trading on CNQ under VSKY
2006-02-28 08:12 MT - New Listing
The common shares and common share purchase warrants of VisionSky Corporation have been approved for listing on Canadian Trading and Quotation System Inc. There are approximately 15,965,000 common shares outstanding with a public float of approximately 11.7 million shares, and 2.5 million warrants with an exercise price of 65 cents.
VisionSky is a provider of ATMs and ATM processing services in the interior of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Listing and disclosure documents for VisionSky will be available in the CNQ Issuer Disclosure Hall.
Trading date: Wednesday, March 1, 2006
Symbols: VSKY, VSKY.W
CUSIP: Common shares 92833V 10 1
CUSIP: Warrants 92833V 11 9